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Xero bookkeeping services Melbourne

Xero Bookkeeping Services in Melbourne

Xero is one of the world’s most popular cloud-based accounting software. Based around hassle-free, paper-free interactions, Xero makes small and medium-sized business accounting simple!

Xero has proven to be an exceptional solution for many of our clients because they have a firm understanding that the mission of their global partners is to provide the best solution to their own clients.

Maximum Business Solutions has been a Xero partner for 4 years, and during this time, have recommended the Xero program to countless small and medium-sized business owners.

Benefits of Xero for small and medium-sized businesses

As a trusted Xero Gold Partner in Melbourne, we’ve had several years to experience the first-hand benefits the Xero accounting system provides to countless small and medium-sized businesses. You too can enjoy the benefits below.


A fully automated system ensures security and saves manual input and updating. That means less time spent with your accounts and more time spent with your customers and clients!

Anywhere-anytime access

As the impact of cloud computing and software becomes more apparent and beneficial to businesses, business owners can quickly see how anytime-anywhere access and collaboration has a direct impact on productivity and streamlining.

Safe and secure

Your data is not stored on your own computer; rather, it’s stored “in the cloud”, protected by a strong infrastructure and multiple layers of security.

No IT issues

Cloud-based software removes the hassle of IT frustrations. Your bookkeeping is outsourced to us, and as we use powerful tools in the cloud, you no longer need to maintain on-site infrastructure.

Real-time updates and data

Keep track of finances, data, payments, bills, invoices, and more – all in real-time through the user-friendly dashboard. And what modern accounting software wouldn’t be smartphone-compatible? View real-time data on any device through Xero’s accounting software.

xero bookkeeping

Xero Accounting

We know the system inside-out, so if you’re searching for a reliable, experienced, and reputable Xero accountant Melbourne, then organise a consultation with Maximum Business Solutions.

No matter your industry, we’d love to learn about your business and find out the sorts of pain points you – as a small or medium-sized business owner – face in day-to-day management. We’ll also talk you through Xero and how it might integrate with your business’s financial practices.

Xero training Melbourne

Bringing in an entirely new bookkeeping system into your business can be a dramatic change – especially if this is the first time you’re digitising your small business bookkeeping.

Luckily, our Xero bookkeepers can help you successfully make the transition to cloud bookkeeping.

In addition to migrating your bookkeeping over to Xero, our team can also provide Xero integration. We’ll get Xero to talk to your other accounts and systems and set up all the optional extras your business might need.

We’ll advise, support and teach until you’re confident enough to tackle your bookkeeping on your own.

Need training? We’ve been using Xero for years – we’re more than happy to run you through the basics!

Xero bookkeeper Melbourne

Our Xero bookkeepers in Melbourne can help businesses like yours with all their cloud bookkeeping needs, including…


Data-entry can be monotonous and time-consuming – as a business owner, you have better things to do.

To speed things up, we’ll move all your current records and bookkeeping over to Xero for you, saving you considerable amounts of time.


One of the best things about Xero is how it syncs with your accounts, and the huge range of add-ons you can use to enhance your bookkeeping.

We’ll help integrate Xero with pre-existing accounts and systems, and help choose suitable add-ons.


Our team will sit down with yours and teach you the ins-and-outs of cloud bookkeeping platforms like Xero.

We empower you to take control of your own bookkeeping, and support you until you feel confident.

Custom solutions

No two businesses are alike… and neither are their bookkeeping requirements!

We set your business up with systems made for you, choosing apps and add-ons that let you get the most out of Xero’s features.

Xero partner

As an official Xero partner, there’s no better team to call than Maximum Business Solutions for Xero bookkeeping.

The Xero Partner Program is a program created for bookkeepers and accountants that set their clients up with Xero bookkeeping. In addition to certifying their experience with the Xero platform, it also influences the resources that your bookkeeper has access to.

Ranks are assigned based on a point system, with complex clients and relationships weighed more heavily.

The program is split into several tiers:

  • Standard
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

As a Xero gold partner, we’re able to use our status to help more small businesses with their bookkeeping needs in a more in-depth way than non-partner bookkeepers.

You can be confident that you’re being supported by a team that possesses the very best level of knowledge and experience, and that we’ll help you get the most out of this cutting-edge cloud bookkeeping software.