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Every business in Australia has the responsibility to abide by the county’s taxation, BAS and superannuation rules.

As these often involve complex bookkeeping methods, your business will be needing a little help from those who are experts on the matter.

Maximum Business Solutions can assist you with complying with these mandatory reports, making sure that these are accurate and are true representation of your business’s financial records for the year.

Business tax

Business taxation in Australia depends on the type of business you run and the number of employees you have.

As taxation needs to be very accurate and meticulously detailed, we can assist you with making sure your tax statements are correct and error-free, saving you from a bigger headache down the road.

We ensure that come tax season – 1 July to 31 October, your tax return is ready for submission! Having taken account all of your business’s financial transactions correctly and accurately, tax is one less thing you need to worry about when you engage Maximum Business Solutions.

Business activity statements (BAS)

If your business is registered for GST (goods and services tax), you are required to lodge a business activity statement (BAS) to the Australian Tax Office.

Due to the complexity, we can assist you in preparing your BAS including the following:

  • goods and services tax (GST)
  • pay as you go (PAYG) instalments
  • PAYG withholding tax
  • PAYG withholding tax
  • other taxes

In submitting your BAS, you have to make sure that all information stated is correct. With our help, we will ensure that we have all the accurate info to avoid nasty penalties.

Also, depending on whether you are lodging your BAS monthly or quarterly, you have to make sure you make your payment on time.

Apart from working on your BAS, we can take care of submitting the statements to the ATO on your behalf whenever deadlines arise.


As arranged by the government, businesses have the responsibility to contribute to their employees’ superannuation fund.

A Superannuation or “super” fund is meant to be reserved for the employees’ retirement in the future.

Business owners or employees are required to contribute a minimum of 9.5% of an employee’s ordinary time earnings. And these contributions are referred to as “superannuation guarantee”.

For some businesses, working on their employees’ superannuation, most especially if they have a significant number of staff can be an additional bookkeeping responsibility that they simply do not have the time nor the head for.

Let Maximum Business Solutions keep on top of your superannuation obligations!

We will make sure you that your superannuation responsibilities are fulfilled accurately – for the sake of the business and your employees. We’ll help you avoid paying hefty fines for any error in super contributions.

Also, we will make sure that we have the following so that we can correctly calculate and report the business’s super contributions:

  • Super guarantee records
  • Choice of super fund records
  • Super guarantee reporting requirements

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